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Morgenstern Holding:
Focused Real Estate Management for exclusive investment property

Concerning their future property investors of high solvency are interested in two things: investment security and value development. With this claim in mind Morgenstern Holding acquires premium property of the real estate market for wealthy investors.

As real estate company we stand for a value-oriented real estate management with excellent commercial property in prime city locations. For our solvent clients we invest in residential complexes (housing portfolio) as well as office, hotel and retail property with brilliant development perspective at our main locations Baar and Dubai. We support you with professional educated merchants, real estate economists and experts, architects, construction engineers as well as an accounting and legal department throughout the whole life-cycle.

Our customer base includes grown institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, foundations or associations, unions and wealthy families. Benefit from Morgenstern Holding as an experienced partner for financially strong investments.





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Real Estate Management by Morgenstern Holding

Morgenstern Holding specializes in real estate management and purchase of residential complexes and commercial property for well-off clients in the B2B sector. The focus is also on developing real estate projects and corporate investments/shareholding. As a project partner you will benefit from our asset management for a sustainable asset and portfolio management – the foundation for a long-term performance of your company and a stable partnership. Our strategic core competencies further include acquisition and management of real estate as well as an integrated investors service for institutional investors. Our primary goal for real estate investments is to provide you with an ideal object in an exposed location. Hence, Morgenstern Holding positions itself as a contact for unique properties and investors of high solvency.


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