Real estate purchase: living

Purchase profile: residental complexes

Investment profile
  • properties requiring refurbishment and insolvent properties
  • asset or share deal
  • portfolio maintenance
  • revitalization
  • residential privatization
Location quality
  • only economically robust locations
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Hannover
  • Düsseldorf
  • Cologne / Bonn
  • Frankfurt
  • Stuttgart
  • Munich
  • Leipzig
  • Dresden
  • In medium-sized and small cities (with populations of 50,000 or more)
Object quality
  • residential complexes with more than 150 units
  • ideal size 200-400 units
  • residential portfolios: more than 500 units
  • preferably less than 5 levels
  • no high-rise buildings (except in large cities)
  • no operator-run properties
  • privately financed real estate preferred
  • no socially deprived areas
Soft criteria
  • commercial share < 15 % net basic rental income
  • preferably locations with positive demographic development
  • preferably locations with a purchasing power index > 100
Minimum details for an offer to be examined
  • address (street, house number, city, zip)
  • number of units and areas (divided into residential, commercial and garages / parking space)
  • square footage; residential, commercial and special areas separately
  • vacancy in sqm (residential units, business units and cars)
  • number of levels
  • year of construction
  • total amount of operating costs which cannot be allocated
  • pictures of the object

Purchasing process

The four-step purchasing process gives the seller full transparency and security.

Step 1: Preliminary examination and indication of the purchase price

As a first step, we check whether the object offer is generally suitable for an investment by Morgenstern Holding or its partners. You usually get a response to your offer within the same week you make it available to us.

If the offer is of interest to us, we will already give you a rough indication of the purchase price at this step.

Step 2: Viewing / examination and offer

If our offer is of interest to the seller, we will arrange a viewing of the object`s interior and check for further information about the object (list of tenants, land register etc.).

On the basis of this offer we will agree with the seller upon exclusivity in terms of time (about two to three weeks) for our final examination and for an agreement on the purchasing contract.

Step 3: Final examination, technical inspection

For the final examination we need all relevant documents of the object.

In addition, we will perform a technical inspection of the object together with one of our architects or experts. Examining the documents and evaluating the technical inspection will take about two to three weeks.

During this time, we, the seller and the notary agree upon the purchasing contract and our committee will be informed.

A financing confirmation will be provided on request of the seller.

Step 4: Notarization of the purchasing contract, transfer

After a positive final examination the purchasing contract can be notarized. In the time between notarization and transfer of the property we will keep in close touch with the seller, particularly regarding the information to the tenants about the sale.


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